Monday, August 3, 2009

Another day in paraiso

We got word of more progress today; we have new birth certificates! We won't be able to meet with the Council for Children until next Tuesday, August 11th. We should get new ID cards and passports the same day. Then off to Guayaquil on Wednesday, August 12th for their visas at the US Consulate. Then we should be able to depart Thursday or Friday depending on potential delays and flights; we're getting so close!! We are anxious to be home.

The beach house is fantastic. So much space, pool, great park in the development, steps to the beach, a chef and a butler. Yeah, it's pretty awesome. At the same time, all I want is to sleep in my own bed. It's a long time to be away from home. The ambiguous process doesn't help much either. On the bright side, it looks (dare I say) nearly certain that K and I will be home to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on August 21st.

Here's a link to all pics since my last pics link.

OK, so while I was writing this post, our lawyer called. She now wants us to return to Quito on Wednesday of this week, 8/5. On Thursday, we will get the ID cards and passports. She is going to try and get us in front of the council on Friday. We will still need to go to Guayaguil for visas on Tuesday 8/11. It might not necessarily speed up the process, but I do like completing at least 2 more steps of the process this week. We'll see what happens....


  1. Everything is sounding really great, we can hardly wait for you to make it back. Sounds like you will be back for sure to sleep in your own bed in less than 2 weeks!! YEAH. We got back after being gone only 10 days, and I was dying for my own bed(and it sucks). The kids are adorable together, they look like they have been together forever. Love Kats happy picture, she must be missing us in that picture!!!!We are sooo happy for you all. give us flight details so we can meet the happy family at the airport, give you a ride if you need it, I can get Carol and Norm down to the gate too, if they are coming to the airport. Love you and miss you. Marina, Tim, Michael, Lexi, Charlotte and Daniel

  2. Great updates! We are reliving the whole process with you! Thank you. The kids appear to be getting along wonderfully. They are so beautiful together. You'll be home soon, hooray!

    The Strombergs