Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Overnight.

We just put the kids down to sleep for the night and told them strictly NO TALKING once the lights are out. HA! Whisper, whisper, whisper, shhhhhh! mom! dad! shhhhhhh!whisper whisper....

This morning we met the girls and their f.m. at their church. We were called up to the altar and honored during the service with a sort of blessing and dedication. We got many "felicidades!" (congratulations), handshakes and kisses, and all of the children sat through an hour and a half service - a miracle in itself. Afterward we had a celebratory/good-bye lunch at Tony Roma's at a nearby mall. F.M. drove us all back to our apartment where we had a tear-filled emotional good-bye. The kids were so well prepared for all of this that they took it in stride, but f.m. was having a hard time, as was I. This amazing woman invested so much of herself in these two little girls and we cannot imagine the painfull heart-ache at saying bye. We will forever be grateful to her and plan to keep in touch with her as the girls grow.

I feel bad for our neighbors because the noise level coming from our apartment rivals the car alarms and plans landing on our heads that we had at our first hotel. I am afraid that someone will call the police for all the non-stop shreaking and screaming and giddy laughing. We are happy, and amazed, but also scared, and maybe a little insane.

Can we handle 4? There are more of them than us......

We now have full-custody of N & J. This week it will become legal. Hopefully we'll know more about timing early this week.

Today was the memorial service for my grandpa. I am saddened beyond words that I cannot be with my family right now. I miss them, I miss my grandpa.

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