Sunday, July 26, 2009


one of the pools outside our cabin

f & n in our rustic cabin - no tv! what?

f, n & j on a bridge over a river we crossed to get to our cabin

f and c loving the warm water

they all want to hang on me at the same time - help!

Great weekend. It was chilly (50 Fahrenheit) for us to get in swimsuits, but the thermal pools all ranged from bathtub warm to hot-tub hot, and then scalding thanks to springs heated by two nearby volcanoes. The kids loved getting to swim and goof around. M didn't try to drown himself as much as he did the last time we had him swimming - progress. C and I got the opportunity to get massages and slathered in Andean mud at the spa and then wrapped in plastic wrap and left to soak - we loved it. From the hot spring pools we could see the clouds swallow the hillsides and hummingbirds in the trees. All the fresh air, altitude and fun = all 4 kids slept for the 2 hour ride home this afternoon.

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  1. 'm so happy you're coming back in mid-august.I actually did get to check this on vacation.It looks like you are having fun.I can't wait until you come back. Michael P.S. mom and dad say hi too