Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's been one whole week in Ecuador!!

Today, I had the best empanada of my life. Seriously, it was amazing and it only cost $1.20. I bought two, but I did, reluctantly, give one to K (I'm a giver). I contemplated posting a picture of it, but I was afraid it wouldn't do it justice.

Late yesterday, we went to Parque La Carolina. We had a lot of fun, but it was an interesting scene. It reminded us a little bit of Central Park NYC, but not as well maintained, a bit dirty, stray dogs roaming around, and little kids begging. Still, moderately scenic and the kids really enjoyed the wide open space.

I nearly capsized in a paddle boat. F was fairly scared but quickly enjoyed the maritime adventure. M loved it as well. Mom had her own vessel, a bit more stable with N & J, who also loved the journey. I was grateful our boats stayed upright; the water made most swamps look appealing!!

Tonight for dinner we went to KFC. That's right the Colonel called and we answered. The food is just as dreadful as in the states. So why did we eat there you ask?? It's simple really, they had a cool play place for the kids and it's only a few blocks from our temporary home. The kids had a blast; I mean, who wouldn't love launching themselves into a pit of soft, plentiful, plastic balls. It was cute to watch the kids have so much fun. F made a friend and was sad to leave.

I finally got around to downloading the video we have shot so far. Here's a clip before bedtime. Uploading video is time consuming. Even after downgrading the quality, it took 20+ minutes to upload 1 minute to the blog.

This weekend we are headed to La Mitad del Mundo (the actual equator) and to some sites in Quito. I hope to have some more scenic pics to share with you then!


  1. K&C,
    My mom sent us this link-- CJ, Natalie and I are loving watching your family come together through these pictures and stories. Many, many congratulations and good luck these next few weeks in Ecuador. I'd love to catch up over email or Facebook someday when your life settles down a little. :)

    Kirsten Bohlman Heine

  2. Okay . . .what a wonderful relaxing bedtime. . .thanks for sharing this video. It was worth it even if it took you such a long time to download onto the blog. Is this now considered a vlog or a vblog or a ????????? We're trying!
    Please let all those kids know that we love them (both the ones that know us and the ones that don't!)
    Hope you are continuing to have some amazing experiences as you explore the environs around you.

    Love and kisses,
    Tia Ann and Tio John
    Hopefully wean post this message- you never know with us.

  3. Ah-h,
    I meant I hope we CAN post this comment, not WEAN post this comment.
    Ann :0